Max's creative drive was lit early in his childhood as he spent his spare moments attending guitar lessons and illustrating his own lengthy comic books. It was those humble years that molded him into the touring musician and freelance artist he is today. A true music lover, he strived to become an accomplished guitarist in a variety of musical genres, holding modern legends like John Petrucci and Joe Satriani as his primary influences. 

 Just two years after high school, Max released his 2010 instrumental album "Vertigo", which was recorded at Avatar studios and featured Morgan Rose (Sevendust) and Evan Diprima (Royal Thunder, Stalone) on drums. This album earned Max a place in the Atlanta music scene, and opaquely displayed his passion for progressive music. In 2012, Max released his EP "Lucid Listening", for which he featured the acoustic guitar and demonstrated his flamenco and jazz influence.

Since joining Atlanta metal band Halcyon Way in 2012, Max has played with the group on 9 tours, leading him to perform in 18 countries and 32 states. The band has just released their 5th studio album with Agonia Records and is actively touring their new music.

Now a guitar teacher himself, Max has instructed over 75 students in Gwinnett county, some of which have already found fruitful musical careers of their own. Many in Gwinnett county know Max from the many atmospheres in which he performs around town- with close to 90 solo gigs a year it's hard to miss him! Since 2015, he has used his spare time to volunteer playing acoustic guitar at Emory Winship Cancer Center. Having felt an uplifting impact from playing for the sick, Max began pursuing certification from MHTP to become a Certified Music Practioner (CMP), which he looks forward to completing in 2018.

When Max is not playing music, he spends much of his time painting on canvas and creating murals with chalk pastels. Though Max has no particular training in the arts, he has become an accomplished painter and has his art featured in a variety of galleries.

Taken in Milan, Italy by Christopher Meng (2018)

Taken in Milan, Italy by Christopher Meng (2018)